Pixel art of Atticus' persona in a TV, licking the camera.

Meet the Webmaster!

I'm Atticus Atlas, the Friend Shaped Plant! I'm 21 as I write this page, bday October 10th. I use it/its pronouns, along with the neos vi/vim/vis and dae(/daem)/daer. Details on using those and all sorts of other queer shit about me is on my pronouns.page!

I took my first HTML class in the summer of 2022, but before then I had some experience with customizing my DeviantART page in 2016-ish. I love me some programming but this is definitely my favorite language lmao. I also obviously know CSS and Javascript! It all goes hand in hand. :3

Outside of webmastering, I love drawing, cosplaying, and playing video games. Some of my faves are Kirby, OFF, Undertale/Deltarune, Len'en Project, and Pump it Up. I'm all about indie and rhythm games, and I stream the former on my Twitch!

I am also VERY leftist. My activism is focused on disability and queer rights, but I stand in solidarity with many other minorities.

If it wasn't apparent, my fave aesthetics currently are old web and bright colors :3 I do love me some punkish fashion though, half my shirts are black lmao, but I've adopted some more kidcore-esque pieces as of late. I'm in my anemoia-nostalgia era.

Page doll of a green person with red hair and a red flower around its green eye. It wears colorful casual clothes and smiles at the viewer.